As a result of globalisation and privatisation, the utilities industry – encompassing the electricity, gas and water sectors – is swiftly changing. In Europe, we have seen the emergence of European mega-utilities, where the markets are dominated by a dozen major pan-European utility companies. Utilities also have opportunities to create new value through diversification through telecommunications.

Customs and international trade issues

Many utilities import machinery and equipment for construction and repair. However, they frequently fail to take advantage of the many import reliefs that exist for turnkey projects involving the importation of capital machinery. Utilities are also great users of fuel – again, there is a myriad of special excise relief’s available.

Solutions to help you succeed

We can advise the most customs, excise and freight efficient means of importing capital machinery, construction and maintenance equipment. We have provided guidance manuals for employees and agents of utility clients in regard to the permitted use of rebated fuel.