Industrial Products is a diverse sector encompassing areas such as engineering and machinery, building materials, glass and glass products, paper, pulp and packaging and shipbuilding. The manufacturing industry is entering a new era—where networks and information provide more competitive advantage than traditional manufacturing processes, and where flexibility means more than efficiency. A globally competitive cost base, critical mass in the market and the ability to supply added-value products rather than commodity products are the three competencies that are essential.

Customs and international trade issues

The impact of customs and international trade procedures on any manufacturing business involved in the international movement of tangible goods across borders can be considerable. They can affect:

  • Whether goods can be traded;
  • The content, specification, source, origin, cost, selling price, and marketing of goods;
  • The terms on which they are sold and purchased;
  • The location of manufacturing operations;
  • The design of physical distribution facilities and systems; and
  • The international structure of companies.

Solutions to help you succeed

The fundamental principles of our customs and international trade planning services are, therefore, to identify all potential commercial transactions that may have customs and international trade implications and then to arrange those transactions in such a way as to obtain the optimum treatment under customs and international trade regulations and practice.

We can provide strategies for effecting savings in the cost of goods sold, a key element of costs for many businesses. We adopt a holistic approach to identify and quantify costs hidden within the global supply chain, focusing on three international trade overheads: import duties and indirect taxes, international trade processes and global freight costs. Savings result from applying best practice solutions in these areas and using our vast experience to manage the implementation of the most appropriate cost reduction strategies.