Companies from all transport sectors are increasing their global reach as they move beyond traditional geographies to grow their businesses. In most cases, the industry is glued together by  freight forwarders, “cargo travel agents” who connect the dots to get a shipment through to its final destination

Customs and international trade issues

There are a number of areas of potential exposure for a transport company mainly in relation to providing guarantees to Customs and the completion of declarations on behalf of importers and exporters. There are ways in which a transport business can protect itself against this threat, which we are happy to advise on further.

Solutions to help you succeed

Customers recognise that their supply-chain can differentiate them from competitors. By managing its customer’s supply chain effectively, a transport company can make itself an indispensable part of its client long-term business strategy. We can help a transport company make that leap by maximising its use of simplified clearance procedures and customs warehousing regimes.

Furthermore, we can advise on the levels of representation; calculation of guarantees; and the completion of key documentation. In particular, we can help transport companies to help their clients when they are faced with complex customs problems.