Customs planning services

Customs planning is a necessity for any business involved in the international movement of goods. Although conveniently referred to as customs matters, the measures governing international trade go far beyond basic import and export procedures and the payment of duties; they impact a wide range of commercial policies and transactions and are material to the activities of almost every function of the business. Such exposure can prove extremely costly unless it is managed and controlled through careful and timely planning.

If your business is exposed to trade policy and customs considerations, can you answer the following questions with an unqualified “yes”? If not, you should undertake customs planning to support your international trading operations:

  • Are you aware of the impact of customs, from product design through to the terms of delivery to your export customers?
  • Have you quantified the burden on your business of customs duties and compliance costs and their effect on your profits?
  • Are you taking advantage of all available means of minimising customs duties and compliance costs?
  • Does somebody in your organisation have responsibility for customs planning and compliance?

Significant financial savings and operational benefits await those companies which recognise not only the benefits of customs planning but the necessity of undertaking it as an integral part of the total business planning process.

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