A challenging business climate is an ongoing characteristic of the chemicals industry’s future. With a predomination of high-density, low-value products, supply chain management is one of the industry’s few remaining opportunities for efficiency and earnings. The supply chain represents a significant portion of a typical chemical company’s cost structure—generally 55 percent to 70 percent. Chemical companies have a huge range of company sizes, products, applications and markets.

Customs and international trade issues

Clients in the chemical industry operate in the face constant anti-dumping duty actions and non-tariff trade barriers. Tariff classification is also highly complex and problematic. We have significant experience in all these areas.

Solutions to help you succeed

Because so many chemicals are price sensitive – particularly in the commodity markets, any reduction in freight and duty costs has a huge impact on profitability. In any one product, there may be relatively few competitors globally so once again any edge that can be obtained from customs planning could be crucial to gaining a competitive edge. Our particular skill lies in joining-up chemical industry supply chains in a customs efficient fashion.