Global Customs Compliance uk

We provide customs compliance, trade compliance, trade facilitation and customs modernisation consultancy services to both the private and public sectors. During the last two decades, we have built a reputation for first-class client service, problem-solving and technical excellence.

Customs Compliance and Trade Compliance Consulting Services

We specialise in the creation of customs compliance and global trade compliance solutions and strategies for multi-nationals and mid-market clients. Our client base is mostly from Western Europe, North America and North Asia. In the last two decades, we have covered practically every industry sector including, Automotive, Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Communications, and Food. We understand the distinctive challenges and issues faced by different industry sectors. Our consultancy services encompass inter alia customs compliance and planning, international trade law, freight management and global trade management systems. Throughout the process, we give equal attention to planning as well as trade compliance. Our services are provided in conjunction with a worldwide network of specialist customs consultants, trade lawyers and tax advisors. Our objective is to maximise cost and administrative efficiencies whilst ensuring compliance with all relevant customs rules and trade regulations.

Customs Modernisation and Trade Facilitation Consulting Services

Our customs modernisation and trade facilitation consultancy services are used by both governments and international donors. We focus on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of Customs administrations and other border agencies in line with internationally recognised benchmarks such as the World Bank’s Trading Across Borders Index, or the World Bank’s Logistic Performance Index, or the OECD’s Trade Facilitation Indicators. Our services deliver significant dividends for governments and donors alike and allow developing countries to take advantage of the opportunities provided by the expanding global trading system. We have performed customs modernisation and trade facilitation assignments in over 60 countries in Europe, Asia-Pacific and Africa. Clients include the European Union, UNDP, ADB and the World Bank.

We have offices in Europe, Africa and the Far East supplemented by a global network of associates and overseas partners.