The global metals industry is the bedrock of manufacturing capability and a key sector for many countries in terms of GDP contribution and employment. Commodity pricing of many metals, overcapacity and the shift to emerging markets to take advantage of lower labour rates are all challenges for global players in this sector.

Customs and international trade issues

Rarely a day goes by without the initiation of an anti-dumping action against a metals manufacturer somewhere in the world.

Solutions to help you succeed

We can advise those seeking to lodge and anti-dumping duty complaint; and those defending such as action. We can also make an application for reimbursement of the duties paid by an importer when the dumping margin on which the goods duties have been calculated have been reduced or eliminated.

We can devise customs valuation strategies that minimise duty exposures.

In the metal sector, we have successfully combined customs warehousing with duty reliefs that seamlessly link the supply chain of extractors, manufacturers, distributors and customers in the most duty efficient fashion, improving cash flow and generating absolute savings.