Customs Advice: Hotline

We recognise that our clients sometimes need an answer yesterday! We offer a customs hotline service for this eventuality.

How can we help?

The arrangements fall into two types:

Open Retainer – Under this arrangement, the client can raise customs queries as necessary. Time is charged on a monthly basis based upon time spent, at agreed rates per grade. Queries are usually raised by telephone or e-mail. An estimate of the time required is given with a cap set on the amount of time (by cost) that can be spent on any single piece of work. There are normally no restrictions on the nature of queries, and issues will be raised with overseas associates if required at an agreed additional cost.

Fixed Hours Retainer – This type of arrangement is very similar to above but an agreement is reached to set-aside an agreed number of hours of consultancy each month at an overall agreed rate per hour, regardless of the seniority of the consultant completing the work. Any hours not used are carried forward. If the number of hours is set too high or low, this is adjusted by agreement.