Betting & Gaming

The Betting & Gaming sector in the UK can be categorised into the following groups:

  • General Betting Duty – e.g. betting with bookmakers on horse racing and other events;
  • Amusement Machines – e.g. “one-armed-bandits”;
  • Casinos;
  • Bingo;
  • Pool Betting Duty;
  • Lotteries.

Off-shore, internet and on-line betting and new technology have created all sorts of dilemmas for the regulatory and revenue authorities, not least over issues such as the relevant jurisdiction and place of supply of the bet or transaction. For instance, what happens when the win/lose decision is made by a remote server rather than the machine actually being played? Or where the bet is placed in one jurisdiction but the ” book ” is made up in another?  Furthermore, hybrid betting and gaming transactions are expanding with the technology often outpacing legislation.

How can we help?

We can help with the following:

  • Basis and calculation of duty;
  • Accounting for duty;
  • Record-keeping;
  • Determining the tax status of a bet;
  • Negotiating with Customs and other regulatory bodies;
  • Modernisation of gambling taxes and new legislation; and
  • Money Laundering issues.