Trade & Customs Compliance

Customs Compliance and Trade Compliance Consultants specialising in the creation of customs and global trade solutions and strategies for multi-nationals and mid-market clients, encompassing inter alia customs, freight management and global trade management systems. We work closely with a worldwide network of the very best customs and international trade consultants and lawyers. Our objective is to maximise cost and administrative efficiencies whilst ensuring compliance with all relevant international trade rules and regulations. Throughout the process, equal attention is given to planning as well as compliance.

We work with our clients to identify potential commercial transactions that may have customs compliance and trade compliance implications and then to arrange those transactions in such a way as to obtain the optimum treatment under customs and international trade law and practice. Our advice would cover inter alia whether goods can be traded; the nature, content, specification, source, origin, cost, selling price, and marketing of goods; the terms on which they are sold and purchased; the location of manufacturing operations; the design of physical distribution facilities and systems; and the international structure of companies. It is vital that customs compliance and trade compliance issues are covered in any proposed international trade transaction at the outset otherwise, it may be too late to incorporate them once goods have been purchased. It could even be too late once they have been manufactured. On the other hand, significant financial savings and operational benefits await those companies which recognise not only the benefits of customs and global trade compliance but the necessity of undertaking it as an integral part of the total business planning process.