Legitimate international trade is an essential driver for economic prosperity. The global trading system is vulnerable to terrorist exploitation that would severely damage the entire global economy and social well-being of nations. As government organizations that control and administer the international movement of goods, Customs administrations are in a unique position to provide increased security to the global supply chain and to contribute to socio-economic development through revenue collection and trade facilitation.

WCO Members have developed a regime that will enhance the security and facilitation of international trade. This is the WCO SAFE Framework of Standards to secure and facilitate global trade. The SAFE Framework sets forth the principles and the standards and presents them for adoption as a minimal threshold of what should be done by WCO Members.

Our Experience

We have performed AEO/supply chain security assignments in Central Asia, Vietnam, Bulgaria, Kosovo, Ukraine and Moldova.

Our Services

Our consulting services follow the objectives and principles of the SAFE Framework, and aim to:

  • Establish standards that provide supply chain security and facilitation at a global level to promote certainty and predictability.
  • Enable integrated and harmonized supply chain management for all modes of transport;
  • Enhance the role, functions and capabilities of Customs to meet the challenges and opportunities of the 21stCentury;
  • Strengthen co-operation between Customs administrations to improve their capability to detect high-risk consignments;
  • Strengthen co-operation between Customs administrations, for example through exchange of information, mutual recognition of controls, mutual recognition of Authorized Economic Operators (AEOs), and mutual administrative assistance;
  • Strengthen co-operation between Customs administrations and other Government agencies involved in international trade and security such as through Single Window;
  • Strengthen Customs/Business co-operation;
  • Promote the seamless movement of goods through secure international trade supply chains.