Single Windows are platforms that are government mandated and allow for the submission of information to fulfil regulatory requirements between economic operators and government authorities. A Single Window is a single-entry point for data, and data should only be submitted once.

Our Experience

We have extensive knowledge and experience in developing governance frameworks, operational models and organizational structures for the operation of National Single Windows (NSW).

We have extensive experience in the development and implementation of Information System Strategic Plans in complex country environments and have a proven track record in the transfer of know-how to government organizations.

Our Services

We can develop a national “blue-print” for the establishment and implementation of an NSW. The preparatory work is usually divided into five (5) inter-related clusters of work –the outputs of which will form the NSW Blue-Print. These task clusters are as follows:

  • Legal and Regulatory framework for NSW;
  • Governance and Operational Model for the NSW;
  • Technical and Functional Architecture and specification for the NSW System;
  • Business Process Streamlining and Simplification, Change Management and Communications Strategy for the NSW;
  • Design of an Implementation and Capacity Building strategy and plan for the NSW, the NSW Operating entity, participating Agencies and Traders.