Preferential origin is conferred on goods from particular countries, which have fulfilled certain criteria. In order to obtain preferential origin those criteria generally require that the goods be wholly obtained or have undergone specifically determined working or processing.

Preferential origin confers certain tariff benefits (entry at a reduced or zero rate of duty) on goods traded between countries which have agreed such an arrangement or where one side has granted it autonomously.

In order to have preferential origin goods must fulfil the relevant conditions laid down in the origin protocol to the agreement of whichever country is concerned or in the origin rules of the autonomous arrangements.

Our Experience

We have undertaken preferential origin assignments in Bangladesh, Ukraine, Seychelles, and Caribbean OCT’s.

Our Services

We provide practical technical assistance to both government and private stakeholders in interpreting and applying rules of origin. In particular, we can cover:

  • Legislation and SOPs;
  • Origin rules and calculations;
  • Cumulation of origin;
  • Accounting segregation;
  • Proof of origin, exemptions and Suppliers’ Declarations;
  • Approved Exporter status and the EU Registered Exporter System;
  • Training and awareness raising;
  • Control, enforcement and investigation.