Transaction Advisory


We can advise clients (and their lawyers) on all aspects of a broad range of international transactions, including mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, financings, and commercial agreements.

How can we help?

Incoterms 2016: In many contracts, there is a need for specialist trade and customs input to determine the most appropriate point at which risk and title are passed.

Customs valuation: We can advise how contracts should be framed in order to minimise the dutiable value. This is particularly important when royalties are involved.

Due diligence reviews: We can provide comfort in respect of customs obligations, guarantees and exposures. We have experience in acting for both buyers and sellers.

Contracts: Clauses covering customs procedural and documentary requirements are frequently mentioned in contracts. We can advise on the practicability and desirability of such clauses. When entering into commercial agreements, from agency to joint ventures, we can advise on the trade and customs arrangements and documentation to best protect clients’ interests.

Giving clients an edge: We can identify risks and opportunities as they arise – providing an effective assessment of a client’s bargaining strength and weaknesses insofar as it relates to its potential customs and trade contractual obligations.