Customs and Global Trade Compliance

Our Customs and Global Trade Compliance Consultants have an extensive knowledge and understanding of international trade regulations and procedures and of the relevant duties and taxes – but that is not enough. We know how to apply their expertise to your commercial advantage; some of them have worked in industry and commerce as in-house customs compliance consultants and therefore have an instinctive understanding of your needs in this area; others are lawyers or former officers of Customs who have worked extensively with importers and exporters.

Our approach is essentially business orientated. We prefer not to wait for commercial policies to be determined or transactions to be arranged and only then try to deal with the customs implications. Instead, wherever possible, we work with you in advance to develop strategies which provide the optimum trade and customs treatment consistent with your other business objectives. Of course, things can go wrong: the best-laid plans can change, unforeseen developments can occur and problems can arise. In such circumstances, our expertise is available to assist you to solve problems quickly and effectively.

We offer a vast array of Customs and Global Trade Compliance Consultancy Services that deliver inter alia:

  • Enhanced customs compliance;
  • Reduced administration costs;
  • Optimised stock management;
  • Reduced international freight costs;
  • Improved service levels;
  • Reduced import duties;
  • Improved management information;
  • Sustainable best of breed processes;
  • Improved net margins; and
  • Increased competitive advantage.

The value of world merchandise exports runs into US$ trillions. Goods will cross borders many times before they are turned into final products; these value-added processes will complicate duty assessment. Increased competition and more markets are causing pressures for lower tariffs, fewer border restrictions, and reduced processing requirements, whilst industry processes and competition are demanding speed, which clashes with customs procedures and requirements. There is more multinational and organised criminal activity, including terrorism, trans-border crime and smuggling. There is increased attention to health and safety; trademark infringement, counterfeiting, theft and child labour. It is in this fast moving climate that our Customs and Global Trade Compliance Consultants help our clients operate and compete.

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